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Oct 12, 2012 7:00pm PDT
deficit remains above 1al dollars. the treasury department says the deficit did fall by $207 billion. analyst says the government borrowed about 31 cents of every dollar it spent. >>> and giant fever. the giants dug out shop at at&t park and san francisco was a very big -- dizzy play -- busy place. >> i was told not to buy anymore t-shirts before the world series but i snuck over to the store. i think he'll forgive me when he sees what they are. >> restaurants near the stadium say they're gearing up for a wave of post season baseball fans and hoping to cash in just like to did two years egg. >>> right now the giants still learning where they play their game. if the national wins game one is in washington. the cardinals win, it's at at&tar park. either way you'll be able to watch that game on ktvu channel 2 right after the niner game. >>> shock. >>> students mourn the death of a popular teacher. the strange take into consideration have some people wonder what happened. >>> our high school football game of the week is just about to kick off near the free month fire birds trying to upse
Oct 10, 2012 7:00pm PDT
all. >> absolutely, gasia. only four times in the history the team come back from 0 and 2 deficit to win the series. well, tonight the giants giving the fans hope that the next shirt hanging in the team window will say national league champ. >> giants fans in san francisco seem to be willing their team to victory. at public house at at&t park sprang to the tvs, even the cooks stopped cook. everything but baseball ceased to exist. fans tell every home run and every out as if they were the ones personally. >> they were behind two games. >> this was a win or go-home game and the giants aren't ready to go home. >> this is so exciting. it's, like, 2010 all over again. >> the game was great for fans, not so good for work productivity, though. dayna collins called in sick. >> you must be feeling better. >> feeling much better. i had a rough stomach. i needed a few beers to settle it, some fried foods, too, and a win. >> at the giants dugout team store one old navy employee told me she was going back to work to watch the game. >> how much work is going to get done here. >> not much. there
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2